Doing a course is a wonderful start to transforming your parenting, and for some it’s enough. Others want to find a way of making sure it stays alive and doesn’t get left behind with the rush of everyday life. Membership of the Partnership Parent is for anyone who has done a Partnership Parenting course face to face or online, and wants to carry on. It means that you can learn alongside other parents who love the approach and want to practise it. You’ll be able to share experiences, and find support, inspiration and other parents who’ve had similar experiences – whether you are being the parent you want to be, or most definitely are not. You can dip in and out as much or little as you like.

What do I get?

A weekly call facilitated by Alice

Calls are designed with two primary objectives: connection and learning. Calls vary in format depending on what members want to explore. All are an opportunity to apply Partnership Parenting principles to parenting challenges members are experiencing.

Sometimes we use Step Sets, walking through the steps of the Partnership Parenting framework to offer support and / or new ways forward. Sometimes we discuss a particular topic, with everyone on a call sharing their experiences. Sometimes we have some people on a call wanting to split into empathy break out rooms to be heard and supported.

Content for calls is discussed beforehand in the Forum so that everyone can contribute to deciding the focus for a call.

Calls are at 10am Wednesday UK time during term time (see Call Schedule). If that time doesn’t work for you, you can get recordings each week instead.

Ongoing access to course videos

Members who have done the Online Course get ongoing access to all of the video material, so you don’t have a pressure of time to work through it all, and so that you can revisit parts of it whenever you need to.

Peer support groups

Each term, groups of 2 or 3 form and meet weekly or fortnightly by phone to support each other with applying PP. There’s a suggested format for calls, or you can agree your own with your partner(s). Described by a member as ‘a lifeline’, it’s a place to deepen relationships with others and to get clearer on how to parent in the ways you want.

Priority booking for Partnership Parenting events

All age weekends take place twice a year. All age days and adult only evenings take place once a term, in Bristol or nearby. All age events are a brilliant opportunity to hang out with other families. Check the website for current events to get a flavour of what they’re like. Adult only evenings are a chance to meet in a space facilitated by Alice to reconnect with other parents.

Membership of the Partnership Parent Facebook Forum

The Facebook Forum is a way to keep in touch with other people who’ve done the course with you through the PP Facebook Forum, and meet others who’ve done it at a different time. The Forum is a great place to connect over parenting celebrations, parenting disasters, questions, inspiration and resources. It’s a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate space where you are welcome no matter how things are going for you, and where you’ll find empathy and understanding.


Cost of membership is £9.99 per month, or £14.99 for couples. Scheduled courses and calls only take place during school term, so for ease of payment cost is totalled over the whole year and divided by 12 to give the monthly cost.


To book, please fill in the form and pay using the payment button beneath it. You should receive an email within 48 hours confirming your booking.



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