Core Course Self Study

The Partnership Parenting Core Course offers hope and relief to parents longing for mutual respect and close and loving connection with their children. It gives all the tools you need to become the authentic, confident, joyful parent you long to be.

Who is Self Study for?

You, if you:

  • are the parent or carer of a child of any age from infancy to adulthood
  • want to enjoy deeper connection with your children
  • would like effective alternatives to reward and punishment
  • are tired of feeling angry or guilty and want more joy and peace
  • would like to feel more confidence in your parenting
  • don’t want to be authoritarian or permissive, but don’t have an alternative
  • are worn out and in need of compassion, support and understanding
  • want to learn the material at your own pace, and enjoy working alone as well as with others – if this isn’t you, consider joining the current Online Core Course

When is it?

Self study gives you 6 months’ access to The Partnership Parent. During that time, you have unlimited access to the Core Course videos. You can also keep up with community resources, inspiration and support in the PP Facebook discussion forum.

What do I get?

  • 9 teaching videos
  • Course manual
  • Membership of the Partnership Parenting Facebook forum

How much time should I commit?

Allow up to 90 minutes per video to watch the footage, do the suggested practice and join in forum discussion.
I’d strongly recommend that you give yourself time between videos to integrate what you are learning into your day to day parenting – there is a huge amount packed in to each one.

Content Overview

By the end of the course, you will know and be able to apply the 3 step Partnership Parenting model to transform any parenting challenge you face in the future. You’ll also have a kitbag stuffed with useful tools for particular situations. The 9 videos and Course Manual cover the following areas:

Course content Oct 16

Videos and Manual

All the videos are available on a private website which you will get access to on sign up. You’ll receive the detailed Course Manual at the same time.

The Online Facebook Forum

The online forum is a non-judgmental, co-created, compassionate space, thriving with parents who are loving the support and sense of connection it brings. It’s a place for practising the skills you are learning, sharing challenges and celebrations, seeking greater insight, exploring questions and sharing parenting resources. The forum is a community space open to all present and past Partnership Parenting course participants.


Self study costs £125 for 6 months, or £100 if you sign up with someone else.

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