24 – 26 Nov 2017 All age weekend



Summary details

What? A fun, nurturing, connecting weekend for all ages
When? 24th to 26th November 2017
Where? The Barn’s Centre (PETT), Church Lane, Toddington, GL54 5DQ
Led by? All of us! The admin team sort the logistics, and then it’s over to all of us to bring ideas or activities / suggestions to share
Doing? Whatever people want – games, walks, play, fires, singing, adult space, story telling, art and lots besides
For? Up to 20 adults and 20 children, with some experience of Partnership Parenting / NVC
Sleep? Choice of single, twin, family, campervan, camping
Food? Shared vegetarian cooking for breakfast, lunch, dinner – bring your own snacks
Cost? Variable. See bottom of the page.
Booking? Bottom of this page


Our intention is to create a fun, nurturing, caring weekend for all ages. This will be our third recent all age weekend and the first two have been wonderful opportunities to share time together in a non-judgmental, compassionate environment with a lot of laughter and fun.

Anyone is invited to bring any ideas or activities that you would like to share. We decide what to do through the Facebook group ahead of the weekend, or in community meetings each morning. Someone might like to go for a walk, and ask if others would like to join. Someone might have a guitar and like to do songs round the fire.  Someone might want adult space and ask if anyone would facilitate it. And so on…

Previous weekends have included play in the extensive outdoor space, clay sculpture in nature, bonfires, singing, walks, adult space for support and learning, art and all age games. It’s also fine to come without any particular things to bring, and just wanting to be part of the group.

The magical thing about weekends like this is that the energy available for taking care of things tends to be magnified by all of us being together in a group. So if you are coming in a state of just needing some care and nurturing, you may find that others can gift you the possibility of sitting back from shared tasks.

We’ll all take responsibility for the weekend as co-created space. The intention is that everyone, of every age, has equal voice in building our time away. We don’t have a leadership team. The admin team are supporting the weekend with planning and logistics, but not leading it. So if something isn’t working and we want change, we aim to speak up for ourselves with another participant or in the whole group.

Everyone is invited to bring individual supplies for snacks. Food will be provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we’ll share the cooking. More below!

Who for?

We’re suggesting that participants have had some experience of Partnership Parenting teaching, or NVC training, to support building a weekend community based on the approach.  If anyone is keen to come but doesn’t have taught experience, please do contact us.


30 to 35 people including adults and children


24th to 26th November 2017. Arrive any time from 4pm on Friday, and we’ll close by 3pm on Sunday for those who want to leave then, but extra time til 5 for those who want to carry on the fun.


The Barn’s Centre (PETT), Church Lane, Toddington, Cheltenham, Gloucester, GL54 5DQ

The Barns Centre is a lovely venue that we’ve often been to. It has comfortable twin bedded accommodation with bathrooms shared between 2 rooms. As an alternative to paying for a bed, children can sleep on the floor on a mattress you bring for free, or a Z bed provided by the Centre for a small charge. By doing that, you can make a family room with 2 parents in twins, and children on the floor. Camping for the hardy is also available very close to the accommodation building, and campervans are welcome.

Weekend schedule

For ease, we’ve put together a rough schedule which can be changed or set aside if people prefer.

Friday 24th

Arrive any time from 16:00 with dinner at 18:30 for those able to make it by then, and dinner set aside for those who can’t. Gather after dinner for those who would like to.

Saturday 25th

07:00 to 09:00   Breakfast

09:15 to 10:00    Community meeting and all age games

10:00 to 12:00    Morning activity slot (for activities decided in meeting)

12:30 to 14:00    Lunch

14:30 to 17:00    Afternoon activity slot

17:00 to 18:00   Chill out time

18:00   Supper

19:30   Evening activity slot

Sunday 26th

Sunday is as Saturday with a shorter afternoon session, to come together at 16:30 and close by 17:00.


When you book, you’ll be asked about any particular food needs and food preferences. This will help the admin team suggest menu plans to the group, and then buy food. We’re sticking to vegetarian food for ease. We’ll rota the cooking, with those more confident taking the lead.

We are conscious that feeding children with all of their different needs can be complicated and stressful in a group environment. We’ll do our best to include plenty of simple food to include children who prefer it. It’s also completely fine for children or families to find a separate corner to eat in.

There is a small well equipped kitchen in the accommodation block if you prefer to do your own thing, and the main kitchen is huge, so there’s plenty of storage space together with the opportunity to cook and eat at any time outside of main meal prep times.

Facebook group

There is a Facebook group for anyone coming on the weekend to be in touch beforehand. It’s a place to share thoughts about the weekend, discuss any worries, talk about food, see if others are interested in doing things you’d like to do, or just having a look to see who else will be joining us. We know that there are some people who don’t enjoy Facebook – it’s currently our best strategy for creating shared power, self-responsibility, information sharing and connection before the weekend – if others have better ones to meet all those needs but ensure we have better inclusion for everybody, we’d love to hear.

Particular needs

We will have children – and maybe adults – with us who have particular needs which might affect how they show up in the group. If you or your child want to tell the group anything before the weekend about what you would / wouldn’t like, the Facebook group is a good place, or do get in touch with the admin team privately.


The question of how to deal with screens is one which can often arise. Some people prefer a request that no one of any age brings screens, or uses the TV at the Centre. Others prefer that each family manages the question individually. And others are everywhere between. If anyone would like to discuss an agreement before we go, would you raise it in the Facebook group?

Accommodation options and cost

Our aim is to create a weekend accessible for as many as possible, as well as sustainable. The admin team ask for costs to be covered in recognition of time and energy organising, with no other fee for us. We want to be fully transparent about costs.

To work out the cost for each person in your group, add Part 1, 2 and 3:

Part 1: Central cost per person*

Adult £40
Child (12 – 17) £15
Child (3 – 11) £15
Child (0 – 2) Free

Part 2: Food per person

Adult £20
Child (12 – 17) £20
Child (3 – 11) £15
Child (0 – 2) Free

Part 3: Accommodation per person

Adult / child bed in twin room (2 nights) £34
Child on mattress you provide Free
Child on Z bed £6
Camping £24 per tent
Campervan £24 per van
Single supplement £20 if space allows

* Central cost is:

  • a share of venue hire for the kitchen and central spaces (£384)
  • accommodation and food for team: Alice, Rachel, Russ, Tanya (£216)
  • materials budget for art materials (£30)


Please use the form below to book with a non-refundable deposit of £50 per family.
The balance is payable by Friday 15th September 2017.
For further information, please contact: Rachel via rachelgarstang@rocketmail.com or 07878 995054.
Please be aware that responses may be slower than usual over the summer but we look forward very much to being in touch!





Names of all participants, with ages of children*

Special dietary requirements

Accommodation choices: please say where everyone would like to sleep*

Calculate your total Part 1 cost - central contribution*
Adult £40
Child (12 – 17) £15
Child (3 – 11) £15
Child (0 – 2) Free

Calculate your total Part 2 cost - food*
Adult £20
Child (12 – 17) £20
Child (3 – 11) £15
Child (0 – 2) Free

Calculate your total Part 3 cost - accommodation*
Adult / child bed in twin room (2 nights) £34
Child on mattress you provide Free
Child on Z bed £6
Camping £24 per tent
Campervan £24 per van
Single supplement £20 if space allows

Add Parts 1, 2 and 3 to give your overall cost*

Additional information

I would like to pay my £50 deposit*