What Parents Say


Would highly recommend this course, it completely transformed the way I parent and my relationship with my children.
Oliver Cain

Life changing! It doesn’t necessarily make the task of parenting easier but it does make it more meaningful and provides a pathway out of sticky situations. There is always another way! I have learnt more about myself and it has enriched all of my relationships not just the relationship I have with my children.
Corrie Bell

Having missed this course when I was still living in Bristol, I joined it online (with my partner) when I moved to Denmark. It helped enormously for us to find common ground and Alice holds a highly empathetic, clear & safe space. It’s also good to know there’s an ongoing group I can rejoin for support when I have both need & time (the two don’t always match!!). Highly recommended.
Fiona Smith

Finally, a parenting course that helps us connect more deeply and lovingly with our children through a process of understanding what really drives all of us to behave the way we do, and by teaching us a language that is both authentic and respectful. Alice brings a genuine sincerity and a powerful presence to this process. She is also committed to empowering and connecting parents so that they may provide ongoing invaluable support for one another. I highly recommend Partnership Parent.
Diane Lester

I would highly recommend the course. It has definitely changed the way I think about parenting and relationships in general. Although I struggle to stick to putting it in to practice, having a different toolkit available is invaluable. Alice is an excellent teacher and a wonderful and inspiring woman.
Bonnie Williams

It is an excellent course and Alice facilitates it very well!
Sarah Mook

I highly recommend The Partnership Parenting course. Alice is a compassionate and skilled teacher. I learnt a lot.
Katie Player

On this challenging road of parenting, Alice’s course, and most especially the weekly follow-up group, have been the support I have needed, living in a country without my family or closest friends. Alice’s gentle, thoughtful, direct, honest, willing approach and guidance have created for me stability, opportunity for deep connections- with my self and others, and some truly loving ways of being with my nearly 6 year old son, and my self during the challenges. I can recommend this course completely.
Kirsten Rose

Such an eye-opening approach to parenting. I really learned a lot from Alice, and while I’ve been lax at applying the excellent techniques she taught, the ethos has stayed with me.
Dave Phelan

The Partnership Parenting course not only really helped me find a more peaceful and connected way to parent my child but also connected me to the most wonderful group of people. I highly recommend it. It’s so much more than a parenting course.
Lis O’Kelly

This course is helping me to transform my relationships with my children, and my perception of myself as a parent. The group is so supportive, non-judgemental, and so, so helpful. I truly feel that I’m being heard, held, and equipped with tools to help me through the toughest challenges on this journey.
Rebecca Wilson

Highly recommended course! And a wonderful community also. A must for any parent/carer or parent-to-be wanting to cultivate close and connected relationships with children (and anyone actually!), whilst being a part of a beautifully supportive group of like minded people.
Myriam Melot

Absolutely brilliant course that allows you to get in touch with parenting values that matter to you, and thereby to be connected whole heartedly and genuinely with your little ones. Fabulous[ly] set out, step by step course with a really supportive way of learning and sharing. Would absolutely fully recommend if you are looking to connect with and understand yourself and your children more.
Sarah Heydon

2016 and older

The course was incredibly helpful as it helped to create a total shift in my parenting approach. It was so empowering to create strategies based on individual needs rather than according to the latest parenting books.
MG, mother to B (9) and O (7)

The course was helpful in learning a model that focuses on feelings, needs and solutions rather than punishment and reward. Alice is very grounded, authentic and fun, experienced with group dynamics and issues / examples that are brought in to work with.
JV, mother to J (9), P (7) and F (4)

I’ve been finding the course invaluable.  I feel very much more centred in my communications with the kids, even with the new term and the time constraints that poses. Thank you!
ES, mother to M (7) and D (4)

The course gave me a powerful introduction to a new approach to parenting in challenging situations and helped me to see ways in which I can move forward to building trusting relationships with my children.  Alice held the space during the course with great understanding and care – truly supportive.
JP, father to B (5) and G (3)

The course was helpful in looking at new and inspiring approaches to dealing with our son, especially where there are conflicts. It helped in reflecting on how to remain connected and find positive and fluid ways of meeting everyone’s needs. Particularly useful were the listening exercises and the group discussions.  It was a really powerful and valuable series of mornings for us.  The atmosphere created enabled some very moving honesty – there was plenty to take away for reflection and action.  Thank you so much.
SR and PL, parents to S (4)

Alice is a fantastic facilitator – I loved her level of sharing and honesty about her own life.
KE, mother to B (6)

The course has given me tools and confidence in the parent I want to be.  Alice invited a really calm, safe and non judgmental environment to work in.  She was very careful and sensitive to the needs of all in the group.
Learning about Partnership Parenting has opened my eyes to the way I deal with other relationships, the way I speak to my children, family, friends, anyone, to have more positive interactions with people.  It has been helpful to meet other parents who are similar in the way they want to parent, but are also finding it difficult.  Listening to stories and talking about strategies has been incredibly useful when dealing with conflict situations and getting on with a more positive way of communication in a culture that often feels like it doesn’t support this.
Thank you – it has been such a great learning experience.  I didn’t really know what to expect.  I feel very excited and inspired by what I have learnt.  I look forward to taking this into all areas of my life, and especially to improve my connection with my children.
OC, dad to E (5) and A (3)

The course really gave me the space to think about the kind of parent I would like to be, and some ideas as to how I can move towards that.  Alice created an incredibly safe space in which we could explore our own and others’ issues around parenting and discipline in an open, honest and gentle way.
JM, mother to L (2)

Understanding Partnership Parenting gave me a useful framework that is already helping me connect with my daughter, family, friends and perhaps most importantly with myself.  Alice provided a safe and inviting place for us to share our experiences, thoughts and feelings.  I can’t think of any room for improvement.
CB, mum to H (3)

The course helped me to become more present in the presence of my children, and to recognise my habitual ways of communicating.  It has provided me with the perfect springboard for learning how best to communicate with the world around me. I liked how Alice brought the course to life by providing examples from her own life experiences.

I found the course truly life-transforming.  It changed my interaction with my child and my partner, and rejuvenated me.  It has given me robust tools to parent (going into 3rd week of no shouting!). I’m hoping I can learn more about Partnership Parenting – it seems SO obvious, but I never would have thought of things this way without your course (Don’t all great ideas seem like this?). Thanks again for the fantastic teaching.
HC, mum to S(3)

The course was extremely helpful in aiding my development of better communication with my children and other people generally.

The course has opened up a whole new way of thinking about interacting with my children! Excellent facilitation.  Alice’s honesty and bringing in of her own experiences, plus how she responded to everyone’s experiences, really supported the group.
MJ, mum to  I(6), L(4), H(1)

The course made me think differently, especially over what language I use.  It helped me recognise the needs of my children. Alice gave helpful suggestions to everyone’s questions.
SK, dad to S(6), M(3)

The course gave me increased self-awareness, understanding the need to step back and assess the situation before reacting.  Alice has an excellent understanding of the pressures of parenthood.  The sharing of her own real examples made it easier for me to share my own experiences.
LR, mum to A(6) and F(3)

This course is powerful!! Content that is extremely thought-provoking, challenging, accessible and relevant. Alice’s contribution was always so warm, grounded in example and clear.
SL, mum to B(9), P(7), S(4)

I feel like the course has given me masses more resources for the journey of parenting, and a sense of being on a shared journey.  I really enjoyed the practice exercises.  Alice using her own real-life examples of parenting to demonstrate how the approach might help helped me to see and appreciate how difficult it is to apply Partnership Parenting principles, how messy life is sometimes, but how helpful a process it is for everyone involved.
AK, mum to N(3) and L (1)