Alice Sheldon

Alice Sheldon

Alice formulated the Partnership Parenting approach to offer a simple, learnable and transformative parenting model which brings together the work of leaders in parenting, psychology and communication. She founded the Partnership Parent in 2010 to provide resources for parents aligned with philosophies like attachment parenting, positive parenting and peaceful parenting, but stuck with how to apply them with children of toddler age and beyond.

Her passion for teaching Partnership Parenting is matched by her love of creating opportunities for a growing body of parents and children to come together for support, connection and fun. She lives in Bristol with her 7 year old daughter, and her formal qualifications are MA Psychol (Oxon), PGCE and CNVC Certified Trainer.

Sophie DockerSophie Portrait 1 (2)

Sophie joined the Partnership Parent team in 2013, assisting with admin and business development, and training in Partnership Parenting.  She is passionate about spreading the word about this technique.  Sophie is inspired by the possibilities Partnership Parenting holds to transform relationships between parents and children and create a positive impact the world through helping us raise confident, respectful children and to become more aware adults in the process.

Sophie has a background in marketing and event management and lives nr Frome with her husband, 2 children 2 and 4 years old and 2 step-children 9 and 11 years old.

GesineGesine Schrader

Gesine Schrader is a Montessori-certified teacher who is also registered with CNVC as a certification candidate. For seven years she led year-long Mother and Baby courses as a PEKiP-certified trainer. For five years she has worked in a private school as a class teacher. For the past seven years she has been developing an NVC Schools project around her home town of Hamburg. She is the proud mother of two teenage boys.