How is the Partnership Parenting course different from other parenting courses?

Most parenting courses offering strategies for particular parenting challenges. The problem is that the issues change all the time. Partnership Parenting offers a 3 stage model which gets to the root behind challenges and can be applied to any situation.

What age do my children need to be?

The Partnership Parenting model can be applied with any age child from newborn to adult.  The 3 stage model is the same with all parenting situations, but how you apply it differs depending on the age of the child.

How long does Partnership Parenting take to make a difference?

Partnership Parenting can be learned in a week and practised for a lifetime. It is not a quick fix, but most people find that they experience some immediate shifts as they start to put tools into effect. Bringing about systemic change in the way we relate within our families is a longer journey. The core course offers you a framework to take away with you for continuing to find ways which bring stronger, happier relationships with your children.

What are the 3 stages of the Partnership Parenting model?

The 3 stage Partnership Parenting model involves: (1) understanding what is really going for our children; (2) understanding what is really going on for us; and (3) finding an effective solution for moving forward. It can be applied in any parenting situation to offer a structured roadmap for transforming challenges.

Where does the model come from?

It’s based on applying Nonviolent Communication or NVC principles to parenting. You could start reading about NVC in this article.